S’Manga’s time has come!

IN his blog this month, Mike de Kock urges in-form jockey S’Manga Khumalo to set his  [Read more…]

Paying compliments

“I’d like to pay compliments on my blog this month to people [Read more…]

Applauding Work Riders

MIKE de Kock writes in his blog today: “There are few more successful [Read more…]

Mike de Kock Interview

The TBA has commissioned David Mickleburgh to write some articles that [Read more…]

A joy to Carve The Turkey!

OUR visit to Turkey last week for Musir’s run in the Topkapi Trophy turned out to be [Read more…]

Unleash SA’s racing power!

Filed on 28 October 2010: IN the process of promoting his feed mix to trainers around [Read more…]

The culture of non-payment

Filed on 23 September 2010:
As a firm supporter of and a large investor in the South African racing industry I was disturbed to read [Read more…]

Exciting string for Dubai!

FROM RACING EXRESS: ‘Off The Bit’  by Mike de Kock  (The Citizen, January 2007):     CLICHED or not, I have to use the expression [Read more…]