The perils that face us

“IF this market is going to open, it will help significantly, but if it doesn’t open, the whole country and the racing industry here will be in trouble. I fear we’ll see further significant cuts in numbers of mares, foals, and racehorses,” said Maine Chance Farms owner Dr Andreas Jacobs in an interview with Racing Post.

“The foal crop dropped around 20% between 2016 and 2018. If that goes on, you come to an isolated island industry which will not survive because the race regime is not sufficient to cover what’s needed to have a race for each horse.”

“The Cape Premier Yearling Sale and the Bloodstock South Africa National Yearling Sale are of an excellent quality and the way the yearlings are prepared is excellent,” addec Jacobs.

“The big buyers are sourcing stock from both sales nowadays and that mightn’t have been the case in the past. The country feels much more united again.”

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