New Owners On A Mission

RAIN couldn’t keep prospective new owners away from Randjesfontein on Sunday.

Mathew de Kock’s Onamission Syndicate held an open morning to introduce syndicate members to ‘Arminius’, a Vercingetorix colt from the National Sale and to sign up shares in ‘Mahlea’, from the National Two-Year-old Sale.

“This was a fun morning with fun people,” said Mathew de Kock. “We had about 50 attending, several new faces and they loved interacting with the horses, especially the kids.”

Mike de Kock said: “It’s always good to see how people react around horses, especially those who haven’t been to a racing stable before. They love them, enjoy them. We need their support in racing.”

Chase Liebenberg of Onamission Bloodstock was also chuffed and he said: “We are building a brand to attract new blood to racing and we are pleased with what we’ve achieved so far.

“I was listening to some comments from the visitors and one comment struck me, a new owner saying he was  surprised with the transparency from the yard and that alone is something very important to him.”

Liebenberg said that about 50% of the new two-year-old, Mahlea, had been sold. “Shares are going well in this one and we’ve had some renaming suggestions. So far ‘Clouds In Seattle’ is a name we like, there have been a few other nice ones, like ‘Majestic Thunder’. He is by Mambo in Seattle from Missy’s Thunder so the new clients are enjoying picking a name, there are many options.”

Mail onamissionbloodstock@gmail for more info.

Photos: Chase Liebenberg.