Leon will be missed

MIKE de Kock and his family have sent condolences to the family of popular trainer Leon Erasmus, who died in a car accident on Sunday.

Leon Erasmus, a jovial horseman loved by all.

Leon Erasmus, a jovial horseman loved by all.


Mike said: “I wonder if the racing community realises what a big player Leon Erasmus was. He always had a full stable of horses and he raced them every week, so his runners often ensured that the fields held up at declarations time so other stables could race as well. His passing will leave a big gap in Gauteng racing and we are very sad for his family and friends.

“Leon was a shrewd horseman and he loved his rugby. He often spoke about rugby in the jockeys room and we had some interesting conversations. He was just a likeable guy and we’re all going to miss him.”