EFF, grooms disrupt Randjes

SUNDAY’s race meeting at Turffontein is in jeopardy following a strike at the Randjesfontein Training Centre by members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and grooms based at the centre.

Mike de Kock reported: “There are between 300-400 strikers. We can’t get in or out of the centre, all access is blocked and all the Randjesfontein runners will have to be scratched. I’m not sure it’s worthwhile continuing with racing at all as betting pools will be decimated.

“This appears to be a wildcat strike. There hasn’t been any negotiation so far, though there have been what sounds like valid complaints including labour-related issues.

“Phumelela’s mode of transport has also been mentioned. When horses are transported to races the grooms do not want to stand with the horses inside the floats which may well be a valid concern too.”

“The sad reality is that grooms will be the losers here. This is not a legitimate strike, they have done it in a disorderly fashion and it may well cost them their jobs and income.

“It is also unfortunate that the trainers like myself who do our best and go out of our way to comply and treat our grooms very well, have to suffer because a small minority of trainers that don’t comply.”


  1. Unbelievable what a nice country to live in….You do what we say or else….I have found that the better you treat some people,the less they appreciate it.Sad and to think that the small minority can create such chaos.Their way or no way.

  2. As a Labour consultant, you or any other employer will be well within there right to dismiss, if due process was followed.i.e. Notifying the trade union if they belonged to one. Then issuing the ultimatums and giving them sufficient time to return to their duties, failing which they could be dismissed. My experience is that there should have been signs of dissatisfaction somewhere along the line. I`m not accusing anybody but these things don`t just happen. What you can do, if the”stirrers’ were identified during this action is to have a disciplinary hearing and get rid of all your trouble makers and discipline the balance (if they were involved) with a final written warning. Hope this helped??