“I’m disgusted!”

I want to relay my disgust today about the National Racing Authority (NHA)’s highly insensitive remarks in a recent case involving the suspension of jockey Deryl Daniels, Mike de Kock writes in his latest blog.

A statement released by the NHA this week, read: “(Daniels) … (conducted himself)… in an improper manner on Racecourse property by forcibly breaking into Greyville Racecourse on 5 January 2018 and Scottsville Racecourse on two separate occasions on 6 January 2018 and on each occasion stealing a television set.  These actions had the effect of discrediting horseracing.”

Whoever wrote this has no integrity and no empathy for his fellow human beings, and should be ashamed.

Deryl Daniels committed wrongful acts, but there was no reason to disgrace him in public. Sadly, this is the way of the NHA. They like to publicize what they believe are victories so they can be perceived to be protecting the integrity of racing. They are not. They are hurting all of us in a simple-minded fashion.

Derryl Daniels.

Deryl Daniels.


We’ll never hear of the things the NHA do wrong or of the incompetence or their staff or of the problems in their administration, yet they will jump at a chance to hurt and punish a fragile individual who needs nothing but help. They have added to his woes.

Deryl was a brilliant apprentice, he went through the Academy. Things turned when as a young man he was an innocent bystander at the horrific David Ferraris shooting, a series of bullets missing him by inches. That must have had an influence on the rest of his career, I know that he couldn’t sleep with the lights off for years after the shooting.

Tex Lerena of the Jockeys Association tells me that they came to Deryl’s aid when this matter became evident in January, following discussions with Gold Circle, Corinne Bestel, Robin Watkinson and Jeff Freedman. He was booked into a rehab program in the Midlands and is well on the road to recovery. Well done to SAJA and the individuals involved for doing their bit to help, and strength and good wishes to Deryl in addressing his troubles.

Here’s a quote from Tex: “We are very disappointed in the way the NHA handled this matter. We were not consulted or told of the release, this after we’d taken steps to help Deryl.”

I rest my case.



  1. Malcolm Draper says:

    Thanks Mike, big of you coming out in defense of the small guy who needs another chance. I met Deryl in the winners box in 2014 when he beat Ian Sturgeon on my horse which I led into the third place box. I’ll never forget the interview. His ride was Bob the Dog who, as trainer Des Edges said was ‘stone mad’. My mate Glyn Redgrave had worked with Bob and got the Dog tractable. Deryl thanked Careline for getting him over his own problems. Once again, like horses with problems, he needs more help and another chance instead of being hung out in public. “Give a dog a bad name and hang him” is an English proverb. Its meaning is that if a person’s reputation has been besmirched, then he will suffer difficulty and hardship. You can see the race and the interview here: