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Our advert on the home page of is working well with a lot of people in the industry talking about it which is good, as the saying goes “when they stop talking about you then you must start to worry” !

Onto a personal note, I watched Mike’s interview on Tellytrack last night and obviously watch the Dubai racing with pride and also a bit of sadness.We as country do not really comprehend what he  has achieved.

I have visited Dubai from the first World Cup (when it was in its fledgling days and no one was visisting) right up to 2003 without missing a year. I really understand how tough it is out there to prove one self and really feel we do not give the team enough credit.

Yeah I know they are making big bucks but money cannot pay for the advertising they are doing for us SA breeders and the SA industry, I  mean he should get some Government award or sport award, not just from the racing industry!

I speak to Mike when I see him, and as usual he is humble and grateful for the compliments but I feel I would like to congratulate him more regularly and thank him fror flying the SA flag!

Sure his nearest and dearest have that opportunity but us normal chaps I am sure feel the need to tell him “keep it up”. So please pass on my good wishes and our thanks and let us all know if he does get mail so perhaps we can tell him ourselves.We at Avontuur are proud to be associated with the team in this small way.

Thanks for the chance to chat and keep up the good work.

Pippa Mickleburgh, Avontuur Stud.


  1. Mike is the kind of person who does not forget those who have been good to him in any way. He deserves all the success he is getting and to say he is a flag bearer for all SA trainers, jockeys and owners is understating it by far. Thanks Mike for the serviec you are rendering SA racing!

  2. This is the best web site i have ever been on. Well done to all who a part to play.

  3. Great to see the MDK site back up and running!! I sure missed it.
    As a loyal supporter and hungry for all news on our champin trainer the site is fantastic ;Well done to all concerned ;now just to keep us all up to date on all the news.
    Congrats on a good job!!!

  4. Top site , to all concerned well done.1 day when I can afford to keep a horse in training I’m giving it to the mike de kock team …lol

  5. Lynesh Maharaj says:

    First of all let me take the oppurtunity to congratulate you and your team on a first class “site”. My question is weather you will be introducing a tipping service. I truely hope you do as you have on so many occassions guided the punters during your interviews. All the luck

    • Dear Lynesh,

      We have learnt from experience not to venture into tipping services again.

      There is a perception that trainers push buttons and that they know exactly when horses will win or won’t win. That is not so. Horses are flesh and blood, they can have unepected off days and run below par, or the other way round. There is no such thing as a certainty.

      Our previous tipping service performed generally well, but there were times when we recommended winning bets on our horses and they were beaten. Also the other way round, there were incidents when we suggested that a runner would not be fully fit after a rest and is best ignored but it won anyway!

      The natural reaction from a paid subscriber would be that he or she is purposefully supplied with false information and once that perception sets in, bad faith comes with it.

      We’ll update the site with previews before big races and there will be news on others, your best bet is to read what we have to say every day and make some mental notes. You will find our comments generally informative enough to make up your own mind.

      Always look at the opposition against our horses, assess the form and make up your own mind. We have averaged 100 winners plus in the last several seasons, you should be able to have at least a 50% strike if you simply study form. Take your bets and re-assess the results afterwards if you went wrong. You will establish a successful betting pattern after a while.

      Thanks for your comments and good luck.

      Mike. (posted by admin).

  6. Good Day all racing and horsey fundy’s

    A new website and a new racing year , great things for Mike de Kock and for the rest of South Africa.

    Will we see a Dubai World cup winner this year from South Africa?
    Maybe a Grade one winner in Europe ?
    And then little win at the Breeders Cup……

    That along with a few other races around the world and in the country for it is time the world start supporting our big races as well. The day that I see some international horses run in the J&B Met and the July will the day we truly become an intercontinental giant in racing.

    For now though… to be known as the sleeping Giant of racing full of power and promice we stand behind Mike de Kock and his team in all his international ventures.

    Soon more will follow….

    All the best for 2010/2011 racing glory

    Ardent racing and horse fan

    Tian van Taak

    • Thank you for your comments Tian. Your expectations are high, we’ll try to cross one hurdle at a time! Regards, Mike.

  7. Hello Mike

    I notice that the international trend among trainers is to retire the top 3 year olds n send them off early to stud,more recently sea the stars and I read in the that arc winner workforce may also not run as a 4 year old .Howcome this idea of not retiring horses early ,be it fillies or colts has not been implemented in SA,thnks indy

  8. Apologies ,I meant idea of retiring horses early ,by the way how’s bold silvano doing,I preached to everyman and his dog that bold silvano will win the july and like the champion that he is he duly arrived

    • Hi Indran,

      The essence of this issue lies in value.

      The stars of Europe are normally retired early because after their Group 1 successes thay have immediate huge value in British Pounds or Dollars. having won all/afew of the ‘yardstick’ classics in Britain, Ireland or France,.

      See The Stars, after his Arc win, had an estimated value of around 80 million pounds. His connections took a few chances in continuing to race him and it paid off, had he lost a race or had he been injured along the line, his value would have been signficantly less.

      Most other owners would retire their three-year-old champiosn at the peak of their achievements as to maximise their return and prevent anything from going wrong in a future race -keeping their records as unblemished as possible.

      Applied to South Africa – our top three-year-olds don’t have near the value of their overseas counterparts at similar times of their careers. They need to be exposed overseas to enhance their value. Our local horses that prove themselves here will have to be exported overseas to race as four-year-olds and might well prove themselves as stallion prospects when they get there. If they do, sure, their value will increase much, but won’t be the same as if they started their racing careers in Europe.

      Hope that answers it for you.

      Regards, Mike.

  9. Hi i have to say that the website looks smashingly top notch good job on that and with regards to not offering a tipping service i understand the decision behind that, i would say thats a rather wise move and i look forward to the upcoming summer season and in particular the dubai carnival,i wish you and the team all the best for the rest of the season.

  10. Dear Mike

    I have not really seen you on a horse tell me do you ride yourself and if you do what is your favourite discipline.

    I have moved back to SA after I have been in NYC for 10 years while I was living in the apple , I purchased and started jumping a n amazing TB gelding(17 hands Sired by Nashwan)

    He unfortunately got sick on the return back to SA and had to retired and has now passed away , I have not ridden in SA or bought a horse in SA and would like to get some pointers as to where to look.

    I also use to belong to a syndicate in USA and had some thrills with 2 winners of 6 races each over 2 years.

    Kindly advise on the above

    Great racing and sportsmanship

    Tian van Taak

    • Hi, yes, Tian, I did plenty of riding in my younger days, I was a riding instructor in the army and those years formed the basis of the experience I started with in racing.

      We have your e-mail on file… opportunities for part-ownership do come along on ocassion and I will get one of my associates to forward you a mail with some details.



  11. Breeding Nicks

    I see racing as a sport and the breeding part of racing as a critical part to ensure progress in this sport.

    Do u breed any horses yourself

    • Yes Tian, I have always been heavily involved in breeding aside from racing. Over many years I’ve bred more horses on my own, with my own mares, or in partnership with others, than I can remember. The best one was the Grade 1 winner Elusive Fort, bred from Ever Seeking, a mare I sold after Elusive Fort was born. He is a stallion today.

      Regards, Mike.

  12. Kathy Immelman says:

    Mr de Kock, is there any news about Lizard’s Desire, how he is doing? He gave all of us SA racing lovers such thrills last year – he mustn’t just be forgotten, even if he never races again. It would be great to hear he is recovering …

    • Hi Kathy,

      Yes, Lizard’s Desire was a racecourse warrior in all aspects, a wonderful horse who brought all of us much joy.

      He had a long, terrible spell recovering from his ilness and he will never be near the same, will never race again.

      He is recovering still at Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Maktoum’s private stables, if he ever gets back to a state of health that will allow travelling we may decide to bring him back to SA to retire here,. butb that won’t be happening in the near future as his setback was crippling and he needs mych more recovery time.

      Thanks for your letter,

      Regards, Mike.

  13. Johan Els says:

    Hi Mike

    How racing has changed over the years. I can still recall the old days with trainers like Fred Rickaby, Brian Cherry and Syd Laird at the top of their game and Brian Cunningham the master at Scotsville. Those were the good days and myself and a few of my mates never missed a Saturday race meeting. There was such an excitement those days and we used to stand at the sadling enclosure to see which horses had new alumites on and we used to follow trainers to see what they were punting. There was eaven a different smell at the track with characters like Cyril Hurvitz standing in the parade ring sucking on a thick cigar and admiring Bold Tropic.. A friend of ours Bazil Tulley had a few horses with The Passmore stable and we had great enjoyment visiting the stables listning to all the talk and now and then backing a horse that they had lined up. My mates the Fouries Trevor, Des and Colin all three now competent bookmakers and myself lived for Saturdays. How i miss those days.

    It is sad that attendances to races in this country have declined considerably and it is only certain feature races that really attract crowds.

    I have been following your progress over the years and you are the Tiger Woods of racing as like Tiger it will take someone special to match or better your training feats.

    I follow your horses in Dubai with keen interest and constantly take note of your comments on the website and i have backed a few winners by just being patient.

    I think this Dubai season will be very interesting as you have some very well performed horses who will be very competetive.

    Break a leg and well done with the new website.

    Kind Regards


  14. To MDK, his jockeys, grooms & behind the scene staff,

    Firstly, to Mike – I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU for what you have acheived in & for racing in South Africa & abroad. Success doesnt come overnight & you proved it Mike.

    Secondly, to the top jockeys that ride for Mike – you know who you are and THANK YOU for your contribution in making the MDK stable what it is today.

    Thirdly, to the grooms – you guys are the forgotten people of racing, what a pity. You are the guys who take care of the best horses for the best trainer and in doing so play a massive part in the stables success. To all your grooms – WELL DONE & KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK!!!

    Lastly, to all the behind the scene staff – you work for an amazing trainer and you should be so so proud of being involved with the MDK stable, You deserve every single pat on the back you get!!!

    That said, wishing the MDK stable all the best for the remainder of the season – kick some butt and show them who is really the best in South Africa & worldwide!

    Many thanks,


    • Dear Casey,

      Thank you for your kind comments. I am very proud of my team and my success has a lot to do with the dedication of my staff.


      Admin (on behalf of Mdk).

  15. Polla Wolvaardt says:

    Hi there,

    I am actually interested to find out what happened to Bold Ellinore? She was a fantastic racer. Keep up the good work!


    • Hi Polla,

      Bold Ellinore is in the broodmare paddock at Wilgerbosdrift Stud.

      Thank you.

      Admin (on behalf of Mdk)

  16. Hi Admin,

    When are you going to put up the video of PERANA’s race in the Victory Moon? I didnt see the race & from what i hear/read it is a race to bee seen!!!


  17. Hi,

    When are you putting up the video of Perana’s win in the Victory Moon??



  18. Hi Mike and team.

    Well done on always flying the flag for SA in the world of horseracing. It is a pity that your exploits are never given the sort of headlines that soccer, cricket and rugby get in SA..keep up the great work.
    Any idea where I may obtain past recordings of the great Horse Chestnut in action?


  19. Nick Smith says:

    Can I suggest that you start a YouTube Channel, like Summerhill Stud have done, where you can post videos of races of your runners as well as short videos of happenings in your stables and maybe interviews with yourself, your staff, jockeys and patrons? would be nice!
    Nick S

  20. Dear Mike

    Love you website and the interest that takes place from racegoers. Please will you be so kind as to e-mail me the names of the trainers who are using you feed. It has definitely worked for James Goodman. Maybe I might back a winner if I knew the horses are being fed correctly?

    Break a leg for all your future up an coming horses in the big races. You and your staff work hard and deserve the success

    Regards Vivian

  21. Darryl Ernest says:

    To use a similar quote on your Epol ad.
    “Where is Anthony Delpech,What is a world class race without Anthony Delpech,What has happened to
    Anthony Delpech” I notice with regret that Anthony is not riding for you In the Queens Plate, the Padock Stakes or the Met.
    Here is a man that has won all the group races for your stable this year, who , as you know is riding all your other jocks to sleep and has not got a ride.Is he injured or what?
    If you have not given him the rides as a punishment of what you thought wasnt a great ride on Igugu, in Cape town, then surely you are only punishing your stable and your owners.
    Your comment please

    • Darryl Ernest says:

      Hi Guys,
      Still waiting for your reply??

      • Mdk Racing Admin says:

        Dear Darryl,

        It would certainly be childish to “punish” a jockey, the stable or our patrons. That is a wrong assumption to make.

        Anthony Delpech is a professional we’ve always held in the highest regard. Nothing has changed.

        As for the Queen’s Plate: Anton Marcus is the preferred rider for Mother Russia, being unbeaten on her in four starts, winning two Grade 1’s and two Grade 2s.

        We’ve kept Randall Simons on Flirtation since he rode an excellent race on her to win the Summer Cup, no reason to jock him off.


        Mdk admin (answered on behalf of Mike as dictated).

        • Darryl Ernest says:

          Thank you for your reply.
          I must admit, I was a little worried for a while.
          Break a leg in Dubai

  22. Tony Mincione says:

    While it’s early days yet, I hope to see proper acknowledgement of the manner of Mother Russia’s achievement in the QP.

    I don’t know about race of the century, because we have had great milers win this race, but this was definitely an above average field and Mother Russia didn’t just win…she unraveled them. You can rely on Anton to put a horse into a race (and pull the trigger as he said), and you can rely on a De Kock horse to fire when triggered.

    The pace looked almost too punishing, so Mother Russia’s kick off that pace is just awesome and you don’t normally get to see a horse look so extraordinary in a race like this. It was a virtuoso performance.

    When she was sold for a reputed large sum of money one had to wonder if the buyers knew what they were doing. Now any price looks cheap. Good luck to those who made the call because you absolutely cracked it in a business where opinions are 1-a-minute.

    She’s one mother of a horse!

  23. Roger Davies says:

    What happened to Honour Devil? I know some of you know the sire and dam can be traced back to Godolphin Arabian….Tiznow is another, I don’t know of anymore but there must be.

    • Mdk Racing Admin says:

      From Mike:

      Honour Devil raced in the US for a while and has now retired to stud in South America.

  24. Roger Davies says:

    Mike, Several years ago you sold a horse to William Haggas here in the U.K. [ the season Johnny Murtagh rode for you at Nad Al Sheba] I put 2+2 together and backed it each way, it won at 50/1, and I can’t remember the damned name of the horse, what was it’s name please.
    Thanks in Advance, Roger.

  25. Hi Mike, congratulatio for your success.
    I wish to know one thing.
    Will Rich Strike come to Mauritius?

  26. Mdk Racing Admin says:

    There have been several queries in this regard to the point of becoming annoying. Sales of horses are between client and buyer, and seen as privileged information.

    If a sale is concluded on this horse, it will be announced in due course.

    Mdk Racing (for Mike).

  27. says:

    There is no doubt that Anton Marcus is a world class jockey but his ride on Mother Russia in the Met might be one of his worst rides ever-in my book. How happy was Mike de Kock with the ride?

  28. Brilliant for Link Man Well done Guys.
    Well prepared and well ridden by Anthony.
    Good wishes for the Guineas Hopefully Anthony can win on Link Man and Igugu on the day

    See you on the 26th Feb

  29. Kathy Immelman says:

    Best of luck for Super Thursday, Mr de Kock, and of course for the Big Day on the 26th March. Incredible to think that for a second year running an ex-PE horse may do the unthinkable! Lizard’s Desire and now Bold Silvano – who would have believed such things, especially in the long-ago before Kimberley racetrack opened, when Port Elizabeth was the the last stop before the petfood factory?

    This poor run-down Eastern Cape needs some brightness and success even if it is second-hand. I reckon “they” should give you the freedom of PE, and they would too if you could train a horse to kick a ball or box or wield a bat. The way you’ve managed to get Golden Sword back to winning – why not try training him to play football as well, or cricket? I’m sure you could do it if you wanted to, LOL!

  30. I was reading Barry (Team Valors) response to Anthony Delpech’s Challenge.

    WOW is this not great! Something inspiring in racing at last..This is exactly what we need,

    Sugar Ray Leonard vs Marvin Hagler Brilliant, Two great training camps De Kock vs Snaith

    Lets go boys You will all still be friends in the end THATS RACING.!!!

  31. Kathy Immelman says:

    I asked about six months ago re Lizards Desire, how he was getting along after the laminitis. How is he now, is he OK?

  32. Kathy and others,

    As noted in a TV interview recently, Lizard’s Desire had to be euthanized in Dubai earlier this year. He fought against his illness and came close to winning the battle, but his condition deteriorated to the extent that he was humanely put down.

    He was a game and brave horse and a great competitor for the stable.

    Website admin (for Mike).

    • Kathy Immelman says:

      Oh, my word, such a pity about Lizard’s Desire … I must have missed the announcement. What a blow … sympathies, Mr de Kock and the rest of you at the stable.

    • thomas purcell says:

      could you tell me how bold silvano is and when he might run again

    • Patricia says:

      Oh my god! I didn’t know, it wasn’t officially announced anywhere as far as I can recall…
      That is such sad SAD news. The poor boy!
      My heart goes out to him, Mike & all his connections. He & the thrilling memories he left behind of his gutsy performances will always live on in my heart.

      • Patricia says:

        Never mind the “wasn’t officially announced anywhere” part of my post. Just reread the original post & saw that there had been an announcement after all – I must’ve been too shocked about the news the first I read this to register that bit.
        Man am I saddened by this news… 🙁

  33. Good Day to MDK and team

    I want wish MDK and team good luck with River Jetez in SIA cup , I saw her win the 2010 J&B Met and she sure can run she is looking picture currently and one would never say she is 7 years old.

    I do think that she would be retired at the end of this year and a mating with her and Dynasty should be on the cards as it would combine her pure ability and conformation with his natural running ability.

    My own riding horse was retired this year at the age of 19 came with me from the US with me and we had some adventures.

    I feel sometimes a bit sad when I look at South African racing for we lost the idea that this a sport and the public has lost the “fan” side of the bussiness in Australia USA and UK racing is a sport and a big one at it yes betting is done but the leaders in the sport weather that may be the Horse trainer or Jockey is seen as a athlete and even gets the athlete admiration.

    I do go racing often and dont really place a bet par the odd occation , for me its the thrill of seeing a horse run and want to win the determination and will to do what he was bred trained and ultimately ridden to do.

    all the best

  34. Its been a while since last we’ve heard anything about Bold Silvano. Any word on how he is doing & where & when we might see him racing again?

  35. what has happened to jannie bekker……

  36. Saw press release of MR objection Empenoso Henn. They called in the heavy artillery with Wanklin on the panel, most excellent handicapper. But..

    They confirmed that Atlantic Oak (93) was the line horse.
    Which means then:

    1 Empenono Henn 95…(new calculated MR= +9) 104 (but max 101) Real chance +3Kg
    2 Atlantic Oak 93…(New +0) 93 (line horse) Real change 0
    3 Mirage Drive 97…(New +4) 101 (stays 97 GP rule) Real change 0
    4 Captain haddock 89…(New +9) (stays 89 GP rule) Real change 0

    What are the chances that the top four really improved a cumulative 22 lbs in this race? It is possible Atlantic Oak ran below best and E.Henn improved to win especially as A.Oak may be better further than a mile.

    In fact, most these horses prefer much further, perhaps the panel could have also asked how likely everything can improve or run career bests at below their best trip?

    Even the 5th horse runs career best after clipping heals beaten 10.75 lengths. Same for 6th horse 13.50 lengths behind. LOL

    The only horse that really suffered here is the winner. It is especially easy to apply because as these rules protect the runners up, it means they can be aggressive on the winner without aggravating anyone else. Poor show on poor E Henn. Righteous objection I thought.

  37. I don’t think there will be an equal to Mike de Kock. A great ambassador for South Africa. In our country of freedom and transparency, no one says or does it like him. I can still remember that story when Mike first started out as a trainer. Goes something like this- Mrs. Oppenheimer gave him a call and asked him to train some horses for her. He thought someone was playing a joke on him, and he put down the phone !All the best to you and your team for the future. A fantastic website as well, just a pity some other trainers haven’t the guts to say how their horses are faring at home as a pointer for the punters. And tose trainers never really succeed. Not like the de Kocks, or the Kannemeyers.Just shows if you have a big heart like Mike, what life can bring. Now bring that Dubai World Cup home Mike !!!

  38. The irrisponsible journalism of Jack Milner and Alistair Cohen of Phumelela (Racing Express, Tabonline) refers. The manner in which these two journalists conduct themselves on a national platform with punters all over globe in a grossly misleading way leaves one to suspect that they are intentionally misleading the public punters out there to wager money on lesser performing horses. Other publications around the world refrain from using langguage such as “To Toy With His Opposition” and “Equipped To FulFil His Destiny”. Sadly this is a continuous occurance with these two journalists which leaves one to wonder if it really is their own opinion or whether they are instructed to write such phrases with the specific and intentional purpose of misleading the punting public. Surely if a horse has not proven himself over a length of time such phrases cannot be used responsibly. I’m sure I’m not the only punter who feels cheated by these two journalists using irrisponsible writing to convince or pursuade punters from backing a certain horse. It is also a possiblity that they are acting in conjunction with certain bookmakers. Whatever the case my be it’s grossly unfair and quite frankly repulsively shocking that these two ill informed or malicious journalists are in a position to influence punters worldwide and are left to their own devices to carry on as they wish and more alarmingly would be if they are acting under instruction from Phumelela in portraying their views to the public. All the punters would appreciate only factual statistical writing rather than biased language influenicing punters’ decisonmaking on backing a ceirtain horse above another. Can someone in the Racing Association or with some influence in the Phumelela’s administration please intevene to make horse racing journalism fair and responsible.

    • Jack Milner responds:

      I don’t think it is worth getting into a debate with someone who spews vindictive vitriol but does not have the guts to sign his name. The letter is clearly made up of innuendo with not an iota of evidence. Neither Alistair nor I have ever used either phrase – “To Toy With His Opposition” and “Equipped To FulFil His Destiny” – and if I did, I would at least know how to spell it properly. If this person has specific incidents that he wishes to discuss with either Alistair or myself we would be quite happy to respond.
      It is suffice to say that it is the role of any tipster to make his selections based on his expertise and then explain his logic to the public. It is there for every one to see – and to judge whether or not they agree with that assessment. Nobody puts a gun to anybody’s head and forces them to follow those selections.
      And at least we have the balls to put our names to the copy!

      Mike de Kock responds:

      I don’t like getting involved in negative things, this is a negative letter written by an anonymous person, though there are some racing fans who would share his opinion. Suffice to say, the comments are unfair to Jack and Alistair, suggestions of a conspiracy against punters are preposterous, and from the stable’s side, we are all for transparency – the more information can be made available to punters, the better. The information is not always on the mark, this is horseracing, but the principle counts.

      • To bet on a horse is not an easy thing.Journalists are there to give their views and sell newspapers ! Horse racing will always have the negative tag on its head, let’s be blatant about this.
        But until we have proof that racing journalists are influenced by other forces, we cannot criticise them for their horse racing selections.
        A journalist is entitled to choose any horses who he deems fit to win a race.His selection is just that, a selection ! One does not HAVE to follow his selection.
        Yet punters and others always make the mistake of following these selections and griping when horses don’t come in.
        Mr. Milner is a very good journalist, but I personally don’t expect his selections to be correct all the time.He is only human, and I do my own assessment of a horses chances of winning.
        And in racing, there are NO “certainties”.One example is YARD ARM who lost the ‘July in classic fashion a few years ago.
        Unfortunately, this is what racing is all about. If a person doesn’t like it,stay out of racing.

  39. Germaine says:

    Hi Mike,

    Great going again with Champions Day. And your comments in the Racing Express and Tellytrack were just so insightful – why don’t they put it on national television!

    My question is on your horse in the SA Fillies Guinea on Saturday. Tajmeel according to Anthony Delpech had shown little at home. I see she has been dropped in the deep end in the Guineas. When a horse starts winning like she has, does she now show good work at home because the penny has dropped?

    While we’re there you have brilliant fillies at the moment, is she one of them in your opinion?


    • Mdk Admin says:

      Indeed, Tajmeel shows more on the racetrack than at home and the only way to measure her ability will be to test her at higher level, like we’re doing in the KRA Guineas this weekend. These type of horses do come along from time to time as you will know. As for Tajmeel, we feel she will come into her own around 2000m and up.

      Thank you.
      Mdk Website Admin (for Mike).

  40. Congratulations on winning the Gauteng Tainers award, and to your outstanding jockey Anthony Delpech for winning the Jockeys Title

    Now we all hope that you will both work hard together and win the South African title

    Well done to you both

  41. Navin Singh says:

    Regarding the Durban July: In years gone by this race was dominated by Cape based horses and then in recent times 3 fillies have won whereas no filly had won for a very long time before Ipi Tombie < so my point is that there seems to be a changing dynamic in the typical "profile" of a July winner in recent times< I would be interested to hear what Mr De Kock still sees as "good July pointers" or what in general makes a good horse a"july winning candidate"

  42. marc zellie says:

    Hi guys,

    Im living over in ireland and I see a few of mikes horses running over here at the curragh racecourse in july but are under different trainers names?ie…..muthadee-T Stack,mahbooba-M Channon and there is one or two 2yr olds aswell?whys is that?

  43. Mdk Admin says:

    The horses mentioned will return to the yard in due course to be prepared for Dubai 2013.

  44. Marc zellie says:

    Sad news about mutahadee.looking forward to Dubai 2013 and to see igugu again,how is she getting on with the quarantine?

  45. shaun mathew says:

    Hi Mike,

    On a lighter note,my house and car hinges on VETTEL just to run in the top 4.

    Good luck for Saturday

    PS-Im taking your 4 horses boxed in my quartet,you have earned my faith

  46. mike pocket power McCabe says:

    Hi Mike I would really like to hear more news about Igugu, would someone please post a new article on where she is how she looks how long before a run etc. thanks

  47. Hi mike

    Plesae can anybody tell me when igugu is running?

  48. Igugu is scheduled to race in the Balanchine over 1800m on turf at Meydan, next week, 21 February. She is doing well.

  49. Mark Wessels says:

    Hi Mike,

    Would just like to congratulate you and your entire team and from my point I view I regard you as a the equivalent of a Gary Player, to can come out season after season and just produce multiplie winners against the top trainers in the world is nothing short of phenomenal. If we were still British controlled you would already have been knighted for your achievements.

    I would also like to add my 2 cents regarding Igugu and her brilliant effort on Thursday after her 13 month layoff, I believe your article will say everything that need to be said about it but what I would like to add that if one looks at human beings and specifically athletes then one just need look at all records from 800 meters to 10 000 meters track races as well as 10 km road races up to the full marathon and you will find that any brilliant performance which includes all world records you will always have pace setters or hares that arevplacedcin these races to push the pace for attempts at world records, without these pace setters there is no eat these world records and performances could have been achieved and the same applies to thoroughbred horses.

    I wish you and your entire team the very best for the rest of this season and future seasons and you deserve every bit of success you have achieved and I’m sure there are so many more people out there that feel similar to myself and we will be right behind you cheering for you and for all those negative people, they will be the sad people they are nothing we can do about them, win or lose go for it Mike.



    • chris hartley says:

      hi mike, just wondering when we will next see the superstar shea shea? was hoping to see him at royal ascot in the king stand stakes! shame black caviar retired!

  50. hi mike.good luck for super sat,break a leg.
    i would like to know what happen to mabhooba,raihana and zanzamar.
    thank you and tc

  51. Hi Mike,I would really like to know where Europa Point is,and if something went wrong.tnx

  52. Kevin G says:

    Hi Mike Very dissapointed not to see your horses in the final field..

  53. Melissa says:

    Hello, I want to know what happens to your horses off the track? And also what happened to Mother Russia? Ta

  54. cyril fourie says:

    Master de kock show them all in south africa who is the best trainer in south africa give us a nice jackpot win all race and let them know you are the best.

  55. brent hayden says:

    Is Daddy Long Legs still racing?

  56. hi mike blast from the past question I remember three jockeys ever riding horse chestnut geroudis on his 1st start then marwing then mike smith in the states the night he got beaten AT NEWMARKET CLIFTON KING WON WHO RODE HIM FRIENDS TELL ME GEROUDIS BUT I REMEMBER BEING MARWING MAYBE WE ALL GETTING OLDER

  57. Hi, it was Weichong Marwing.

  58. Mike, Would you be interested in making a movie?

  59. Dylan Thondee says:

    Hi guys, Silver Flyer is coming to Mauritius for Vincent Allet stable. I would like to know Mike views on the horse if it’s possible and also if he could comment on Shoddy Nick, a rising star for sure. Thanks a lot

    Regards from Mauritius

  60. Chelsea Banks says:

    Hi Mike De Kock,

    I just wanted to pick your brain. I own one of the horses that you trained and I was wondering if you remembered him? His name is Desert Palm(Sire was Damascus Gate and Dam Honey Call). He raced from 1999 till 2002. He had 5 wins. Do you remember him? And do you by any chance know what stud farm he was bought from in the States? we do not have it on record.

    Kind regards,
    Chelsea Banks

  61. Kevin Govender says:

    Happy Birthday Mike

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


  62. Letter to The Mercury:
    ” I express my sincere appreciation to The Mercury for publishing yesterday’s (Saturday) runners at Meydan in RACEGOER. Congratulations to champion trainer Mick de Kock for winning the Meydan (Dubai) sprint with Shea Shea for the 2nd year running and for winning his 2nd race there with Vercingentorix yesterday.

    South Africa narrowly missed drawing the series in the Test match and Bafana Bafana were truly trounced by Brazil. How wonderful to see the country’s bloodstock at the top of international racing, winning two prestigous events on the 8-race Super Saturday card. As a matter of economic interest, Pravin Gordhan’s budget did not balance and there is a R70m trade deficit to be financed. Well done Mr de Kock for going out there, showing the value of South African bloodstock and bringing home the bacon to the tune of over R4m.”

    Dear Mr de Kock,
    I have seen you a couple of times at Summerhill. I’m a big supporter of the School of Excellence, having attended the Haras du Pin 52 years ago and have just given Mick my picture of Lester Piggott’s ‘The five greatest I ever rode’.I’ll introduce myself if you are there on 6th July.
    Well done on Saturday and I hope that you are safely back. I could not tell from the racing results posted what currency the prize money was in and assumed it to be local Dirhan @ 2.92 : ZAR1. Today’s Mercury suggests that the prizemoney is in US$. Please could you verify for I ought to correct the above R4m. Meydan was, I think, designed by one of my greatest friends, the late John Ciechanowski, the only trainer for Sheikh Hamdan al Maktoum to ride a winner for him. I was there at Catterick on the day. My ‘pedigree’ is that I was bred, raised and trained on the same stud as The Tetrarch in Ireland. I’m still researching an aspect of what Igugu and Frankel have in common which is quite interesting.

    Donough McGillycuddy,
    P.O. Box 95, Himeville, KwaZulu-Natal, 3256, S.A. Tel: (0027)+ (0)337021872. Cell: 0829062263.

  63. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your family for what you have done for racing both at home and abroad . I am certain it has taken its toll on you all but from a selfish point of view we do so want to see you play in the “Masters”
    I am writing to you to apologize that due to the actions of the handful of people who control and market racing most of the people in this country will be deprived the opportunity of even knowing when to watch our Springboks participate in the Dubai World Cup 2014. Yes everyone who reads the Sporting Post or some niche market media will know and on the day Tabonline will print a sheet of toilet paper.
    However as you are aware we live in a sports crazy Country and if the powers that be had marketed the event as a World Cup spectacle of best versus the best there is no doubt the a few million might have been persuaded to watch our equine champions in action had they been made aware in advance of the spectacle .
    Yes that includes the opening and closing ceremonies and all the pomp and glamour that goes with it.
    You rightly have a problem with the lack of commitment on the Veterinary side of things so do we fans have a massive problem with the aptitude of those controlling Phumelela and Goldcircle. For DSTV having to fire Teletrack due to an embarrassingly poor show is indeed embarrassing is only one example of the controlling bodies ineptitude
    Break a leg or three

    Bill Jacobs

    Phumelela’s Vee Moodley responds:
    DWC will be covered on Tellytrack 239 and on SS select SA channel as well from 15h30. Thank you.

  64. I think Vee Moodleys nonchalant reply says it all. How have the bright sparks at Phumelela and TeleTrack gone to inform the man in the street that our equine Springboks are performing at the World Cup? The whole board of Phumelela and TeleTrack should teach Zuma a thing or two and fall on their swords for humiliating the horse racing Industry in South Africa

  65. Bill you are quite right, On the 27th April we will not be watching Mikes Great horses run in Hong Kong for the QE2, The races are run between 0800 and 1100 sa time, If we want to watch ,then we must go to the TAB, BUt they only open at 1100hrs so we are snookerd.

    Unless of course their patrons who support racing get a bonus,and maybe they decide to open early for their customers Not much chance of that!!

  66. Being Swiss living in SA and having been involved in racing in France in my younger days, I just love the MdK website. I go to it it every day, afterwards I sneak to the normal daily news.
    Thanks MdK, you and your teams do a fantastic job., I am sure being present all over the important racing spots worldwide is very demanding, and to keep the horses spirits is not an easy task.
    We keep fingers crossed for this coming weekend

  67. Hi there – I read somewhere that Mike and Declan Cronin were training some of the horses barefoot and that Mike thought the results were surprising. Can he write a column about this to let us know where he stands on the barefoot approach please? I am very interested since I’m organising an international conference in Australia on THE FUNCTIONAL HOOF and am on the lookout for new hoof care approaches such as this in TB horse racing.
    Tks and rgds
    Rebecca J. Scott

  68. Mike De kock is a Hero

    To be honest ,Mike de kock deserves a big sporting award such as “sport man of the year”. He has lifted the south African flag many time oversees,and south Africa has to honor and appreciate that. I have high respect for him.

  69. What happende to Majmu, she did not run for quite a while, hope she is sound

  70. Joseph Wentzel says:

    It seems to me that the way to go with Shea Shea is a similar path followed by G Woodruff by training him for the mile and to run him a few times. Even if the horse do not win and then to sharpen him for the 1200 sprint on Dubai World Cup night.

  71. Will we be seeing Ertijaal take his place in the Durban July this year..?

  72. james goodman says:

    looking forward to being part of the SA team at the DWC.Sure to be the best week in my year.

  73. Hello guys Hello Mike i just wondered have you bought a new horse? or are you just training this for the dubai world cup ,Prayer for Relief, recently trained by Dale romans in the US,

    by a top dirt sire of mainly top 2 yr olds( Jump start usa), whose best recent run was against Itsmyluckyday, at saratoga august.2014, he runs in the first race on saturday on world cup night where i think( Graphic 16/1 can put it up to Tamarrkuz,, but i am intrigued by this runner, why you are suddenly training him?

    i am very saddened too at the career ending Injury to my fav horse VERCINGETORIX where i think now the race has been left to Brown panther to win, stable of Dascombe seem very confident of a win according to my sources, if you can let me know the circumstances of this runner it would be fascinating to know the story. kind regards stephen

  74. I wanted to know how Mubtaahij is doing with all his travel ? I know this all so very new for him . I’ve read where his normal feed is not allowed ? How is he eating ? How is his tub ? How is he acclimating to new surroundings constantly ?

  75. Stephen says:

    Hi Mike, fantastic effort in the Kentucky Derby! Even though all South African hearts were with Mubie we knew you were up against it. Its never easy having to travel so far with a young horse and take on the very best there is in the US in their own backyard. He put 10 of their best 3 year olds behind him and as you said the 7 in front of him are ‘bloody good horses’. Not too mention he is 3 to 4 months younger than them and at this age that’s huge. Plus you can never tell how much that trip took out of him, if only horses could talk! Some of those animals he faced were also absolute beasts! But he will get his day in the sun again.

    You and your team are absolute pioneers, you make us proud of your efforts to take on the best. Keep doing it, the big one is not that far around the corner. I am sure the team has learnt massively from this. Here’s hoping the new 21 day quarantine rules come in and open the doors for you and other SA trainers.

  76. Dear Mr MDK I have been a follower of your stable even before people knew who MDK was i just want to say congratulations on all your successes and thanks for being the same humble man that you are I hope one day I will be allowed the honour to meet u and I hope majmu wins the July for you continue to do what u do

  77. Hi

    I see that you have not replied to any of the “letters” above for many months.

    Whats the point of having such a feature on your website, if its only one sided.

  78. Mike, you will know i have admired you for your racing feats for more than 20 years, even when we were in “opposition” i thought you were a superstar, and i liked your “inyourface” attitude, it is now my turn to be honest with you, the ” breakup” with Anthony is a bad decision, even when your owners insisted on the Frenchie, he never left your side, i dont think the split is the way to payback he’s loyalty.
    I still believe you are the ultimate racing ambassador, and I wish you well for the 2016 Dubai Carnival.
    Also thank you for what you have done for South African racing


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